Best-Selling Business Books to be Released in Comic Format

Previously released business and self-help books are getting a chance to reach a new audience.  Book packager Writers of the Round Table Inc. is working with SmarterComics to repackage best-selling business brands into comics.

“It’s an opportunity to invite the Twitter Generation into these powerful messages,” says Corey Michael Blake, Writers of the Round Table’s founder and the executive editor and publisher of the series.

To grab the attention span of readers, Blake and SmarterComics founder Franco Arda knew that both the content and the visuals had to be compelling.  Larry Winget’s #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, “Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life” is the perfect book to launch the series.

Winget, a five time best selling author, is regularly called on by national news shows to provide advice on money, business and personal success.  Touting the title of the Pitbull of Personal Development®, and the World’s Only Irritational Speaker®, Winget’s style is straightforward, and to the point.

“This is a brave comic book! And SO funny,” says Winget. “I am really proud to be involved and think it is just so damn cool!”

Blake anticipates that the comic will be available in December.  SmarterComics will distribute the digital version of the book, while Writers of the Round Table Press will publish the print version.

With Winget’s book underway, Corey Michael Blake and SmarterComics are transforming other business books into comics, with plans to release another twelve throughout 2011.

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