Attacks from Gaza into Israel Increasing

Attacks from Gaza into Israel Increasing

Attacks from Gaza into Israel Increasing

Peace talks between Israel and Palestine continue in Washington D.C.; however, attacks on Israel are increasing.  In response to the face-to-face peace talks between leaders of Gaza and Israel, militants in Gaza have begun launching assaults on Israel.

At least 10 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel since the start of the High Holidays.  The latest round of attacks came early Monday morning, with two rockets landing in open space near Sderot.  No deaths or injuries were reported from the latest assault.

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers fired toward the Gaza border after witnessing Palestinians attempting to launch anti-tank missiles across the fenced border into Israel.  During the exchange, at least three Palestinians were killed.

A rocket also landed near an orchard in Negev early Sunday morning. 

Israel Security Agency chief Yuval Diskin addressed the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday to discuss the recent attacks.  He said that while the quality of weapons Hamas’ is using is greatly diminished, he does expect the attacks to continue, and possibly increase in frequency due to the peace discussions taking place.

In what appears to be a separate incident, the Israeli army police are also investigating a car that was set on fire Monday in a West Bank village.  The fire is thought to have been set by Jewish settlers.  There were two other vehicles found to have had flammable liquid poured on them as well.  The word “revenge” was reportedly seen spray-painted on a nearby dwelling.  It is unclear if the act was related to the current problems in the area.

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