AT&T Worst-Rated Cell-Phone Service Carrier

AT&T Worst-Rated Cell-Phone Service Carrier

AT&T Worst-Rated Cell-Phone Service Carrier

According to a report just released by Consumer Reports the cell phone carrier AT&T has the worst rating of any service carrier in America. The company with the best rating is a regional carrier, U.S. Cellular. They only provide 26 states with cell phone service but managed to edge out Verizon Wireless for the top providers spot. Service carriers were rated on customer support, value and voice service in the report.

Consumer Reports does an annual survey of what customers think of their wireless phone carriers. In preparing this years report over 58,000 subscribers of gave their opinions about support experiences for customers and overall service. The report covered both contract providers and those where a contract is not needed.

The only service provider who had a significantly lower overall satisfaction score from last years report was AT&T. Verizon Wireless is still among the top national carriers. Sprint was able this year to get an overall satisfaction score even with Verizon and performed better in some customer service aspects.

That is quite a turn around for Sprint, a company that has had numerous complaints about customer service in the past. The carrier T-Mobile was ranked very slightly behind Verizon and Sprint for overall satisfaction.

More than 50 percent of the AT&T customers surveyed had an iPhone from Apple. At the moment the Apple company’s smart phone is only available from AT&T.

The data from Consumer Reports shows that iPhone owners were a lot less satisfied and had a lower opinion of data services than smart phone owners on alternative carriers.

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