Apple’s New iPad 2 Unveiled

Apple's New iPad 2 Unveiled

Apple's New iPad 2 Unveiled

The eagerly awaited iPad 2 has just been introduced by Apple and it features a multitude of next generation features. This mobile device is indispensable for email chores, web browsing, reading e-books, listening to music, enjoying photos, playing games and many other applications.

The iPad 2 has an all new design that is lighter by 15 percent and thinner by 33 percent than its predecessor but still has the large 9.7 inch LCD screen that is LED backlit. The new A5 dual core processor from Apple powers the iPad 2 and gives it extremely fast performance as well as stunning graphics.

The device has two cameras now, a VGA camera facing front that uses Face Time and Photo Booth applications and a video camera that faces the rear and shoots 720p HD.

The new generation device still delivers a battery life of ten hours even with all the added features. The iPad 2 comes in white or black and configured to run on a variety of 3G networks like Verizon’s and AT&T’s. To protect the device there are a variety of Smart Covers in a range of colors and materials.

Many technology companies have been trying to replicate the iPad but now that Apple has launched the second generation the bar has been raised again to a higher level that competitors will be pressed to meet. Over 15 million of the first generation iPad’s have already been sold, making it one of the most popular mobile devices.

Apple is hoping that their new and improved second generation device will do even better.

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