Americans Encouraged to Clean Out Medicine Cabinets

Americans Encouraged to Clean Out Medicine Cabinets

Americans Encouraged to Clean Out Medicine Cabinets

The public in the United States is being encouraged by the American Pharmacists Association to make cleaning out their medicine cabinets an annual event and a resolution for the New Year.

People should take time to clear out all of the expired or unused medications that have accumulated in their house through the last year and then dispose of them properly, say pharmacists.

Every season of the year can bring a myriad of new conditions and illnesses so it is very easy for medicine storage cabinets to get cluttered. Expired and unused prescriptions, store bought medications, herbals and vitamins are just some of the examples of old items that could be dangerous to your health.

The pharmacists warn that holding on to unused old or expired medicine can lead a person to take an incorrect medication.

Medicines that are expired have probably lost their potency and are therefore not going to be of medical help to the health problem being treated. They also could be misused.

A spokesman for the American Pharmacists Association said that cleaning out old medicines from the medicine cabinet is an easy and healthy resolution to make for the New Year in order to protect family and personal health. If people have questions regarding any of your medications you should have a talk with your local pharmacist, he added.

Your pharmacist is also a good place to get information on how to store your medications properly or on how to do an annual clear out of your medicine storage area.

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