Americans Deeply Divided over Health Care Reform

Americans Deeply Divided over Health Care Reform

Americans Deeply Divided over Health Care Reform

Americans are still extremely divided in their support for President Barack Obama’s controversial health care reforms, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive and HealthDay.

The survey indicated that 31 percent of the adults questioned wanted to keep most or all of the changes, while 40 percent wanted to repeal most or all of the legislation. 29 percent of those polled were not sure what the government should do regarding health care.

Harris Interactive/HealthDay conducted the poll online using 2,019 adults who were over the age of 18.The survey was carried out in November in the United States.

The survey weighted some figures such as those for education, sex, age, region, ethnicity and household income in order to reflect actual population proportions. Score weighting was also adjusted according to the propensity of the respondents to be online.

These opposing views on how to deal with health care coverage reflect the conflicting political views of the parties in congress.

In January, when the Republican Party will have the majority of votes in the House of Representatives, many GOP congressmen have promised to throw out or severely cut the controversial health reform laws.

One thing that the survey showed is that there is support for some of the key components, even amongst those who want the law scrapped. Almost two thirds of those polled support the idea that health insurers would be prevented from refusing to cover people who suffer from a pre-existing condition. Sixty percent support the small business health insurance tax credit.

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