Americans Concerned about Quality of Water

Americans Concerned about Quality of Water

Americans Concerned about Quality of Water

Over half of all people living in the United States have serious concerns regarding the quality of the water that they have access to as many more people receive education and information regarding the numerous contaminants that can be found in the domestic water supply.

Those are the findings from a new independent research study that was carried out by Applied Research-West on behalf of the Water Quality Association.

The survey used a random sample technique and delved into the evolving attitude of Americans towards their water supply and compared it with past polls. The premise behind the comparison is that people in the United States are now better educated regarding water quality issues than they were in the past.

25 percent of all of the consumers surveyed said that they feel extremely concerned about their water supply quality and less than half expressed confidence in the health safety of their water.

The majority of water consumers are now of the opinion that they would pay an increased price for programs such as pharmaceutical contaminant elimination. In surveys prior to this under half of those polled had this opinion.

Almost a quarter of those polled responded that they are primarily responsible for water quality in the home, up about five percent since the last poll in 2008.

The survey also found that 39 percent of those who responded considered the federal laws regarding the quality of drinking water are fair.

Many Americans now seem to believe that safe, quality drinking water is a private/public partnership responsibility.

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