Amazon’s New Kindle Coming Soon

Amazon's New Kindle Coming Soon

Amazon's New Kindle Coming Soon

Amazon’s current Kindle e-book reader is one of the most popular devices for reading electronic books, but competition has been growing for the company. Rumors that a new Kindle is on the way have been making the rounds and, according to recent reports, it will arrive in time for this year’s gift giving season, carrying with it a plethora of new features to help it compete with the Nook Color and iPad. It will also have new features that no other tablet or e-reader devices have offered yet.

“Amazon’s new color Kindle will not be an iPad killer,” said Mark Smith of, an ereader news site, “but it could very easily be the final punch that knocks out the Nook Color.”

The exact details what this new Kindle will look or act like aren’t completely clear yet. Many industry reviewers close to the company say that Amazon’s new device is a very responsive, multi-purpose tablet. A reporter from TechCrunch claims to have handled and used the new tablet, and says that it is really only a Kindle in name alone. The current Kindle release is a small, thin device that uses a special E-Ink screen. This screen has been the main reason for the Kindle’s popularity. The technology mimics the look of a real book page much more than other e-readers. You can even read the Kindle’s E-Ink display in full sunlight without a problem.

Unfortunately for E-Ink fans, the new Kindle tablet uses the same glossy touchscreen that the iPad and other devices use. However, the touchscreen will allow it to be used for a much wider range of activities. The TechCrunch report also claims that the system seems to use a two-finger touch system. The iPad requires all ten fingers to be used, which becomes awkward when you want to use one hand for holding the device. This will make typing short messages, such as inputting a search term on Google’s homepage, much easier on the Amazon device.

While other companies have been releasing tablets with various features and capabilities for years, none have been able to offer Apple’s iPad any real competition. This monopoly wasn’t wholly based on the higher quality or better abilities of the iPad. The main reason for the market domination was the iTunes App Store. The iPad offers support for more applications, both free and paid, than any other tablet manufacturer. Most tablet makers were computer companies that didn’t spend much time making connections with application developers. Apple has so many contracts with the biggest app producers, making many of the best tools and programs only for the iPad.

However, Amazon has a chance to topple this because of their extensive library of apps and application producers. If the company focuses on the development of their app store while releasing the new Kindle tablet, there will be stiff competition in the tablet market this winter. It is also being speculated that since Amazon already does a good job of integrating social media into their existing technology, the Kindle may be the next best device for social media use.

The speculated price is also surprisingly affordable. At only $250, the Kindle tablet will be far less expensive than at least half of the devices with similar screens and capabilities. It is also only a little more than the full featured current Kindle release which does not offer the ability to watch videos, full Internet surfing support or many other features. Amazon also hasn’t announced any plans to stop offering the current Kindle device. Fans of E-Ink screens who only need a simple e-reader without extras will still have the simple Kindle, while tablet fans will have a new toy to play with. If the tablet becomes successful enough, it will also likely lower the prices of other Kindle versions.

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