Amazon’s Black Friday Countdown Offers Early Holiday Deals

Amazon's Black Friday Countdown Offers Early Holiday Deals

Amazon's Black Friday Countdown Offers Early Holiday Deals

Black Friday is quickly approaching, and rabid holiday shoppers are busy planning where they are going to go for the best deals. The hardcore shoppers will have their cots, trail mix, and sleeping bags in preparation for an all night sidewalk camping excursion in the cold. Defensive plans and preparations have already been established. The shortest route to the deals have been meticulously memorized. The smart shoppers will avoid all of this hassle, and shop from the comfort of their own bed.

Online retail giant Amazon is reeling in holiday shoppers with their tempting Countdown to Black Friday deals. New surveys have revealed that over 50% of all holiday shoppers are planning on doing all of their shopping online, and the deals have already begun.

Amazon’s Countdown to Black Friday does not highlight daily deals, but instead it will highlight deals every few hours, and in some cases minutes. These deals are time sensitive. Once the timer has ticked down to zero, the sale on that item is no longer valid. The deals are also in limited quantities. Hot items will often sell out way before the timer ends. Holiday shoppers will have to keep a very close eye on the deals in order to get them before they sell out. The deals are not limited to certain categories. There are sales across every single category on Amazon’s website.

While the crowds gather around the traditional brick and mortar stores this holiday season, some would be holiday shoppers will have avoided all of the hassles of holiday shopping by staying in bed, and ordering everything online. No long lines to deal with, no crazy riots, and no fights over who gets the last hottest toy on the shelf. The Countdown to Black Friday has already begun, and the deals are getting better as the busiest shopping day on the planet inevitably approaches.

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