Amazon Offering Early Black Friday Deals

Amazon Offering Early Black Friday Deals

Amazon Offering Early Black Friday Deals

Black Friday has long been known as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It is a day when you can get great deals on just about anything you want to buy. People get up and camp outside of the store that has the deals that they want the most. But, what happens if two stores have a deal that you really want?

Over the years people have developed strategies for that including sending a spouse to one store while they go to the other. While this strategy may work for some, others may not have someone that will get up and go with them.

There is another option this year. has announced that they will start their Black Friday deals on Monday the 22nd. The deals will run all the way to the 29th with new deals being posted all day.

Amazon has already posted some of their lightning deals that will be available in Movies & TV. They are showing prices as low as $1.99 for regular DVD’s and $5 for Blu-ray DVD’s. If you see a lightning deal that you want during the Black Friday blowout you have to act quickly. The deals not only have a limited quantity but they time out after being in your cart for 15 minutes. They are implementing a handy alert system that will let you know when you have 10 minutes remaining on the items in your cart.

Amazon also announced that if you “like” them on Facebook you will receive updates about their Black Friday deals.  They are also giving away a Kindle a day for “liking” them so that’s a bonus. If you have Twitter and sign up for tweets, they are also going to be tweeting Black Friday deals.

Recent deals include LG BD530 Network Blu-ray Disc Players for $79.99, the Martha Stewart Crafts Edition of the Cricut Cake Electronic Cutting System for $229.99, up to 35% off Luxury Watches, and the Archos 5 32 GB Internet Tablet with Android for $204.99.

With all of the great early deals that Amazon will be offering, you may be able to skip standing out in those long lines at multiple stores this year.

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