Amazon Kindle Books Coming to Local Libraries

Amazon Kindle Books Coming to Local Libraries

Amazon Kindle Books Coming to Local Libraries

Internet giant Amazon makes yet another move to dominate the book market by announcing “Kindle Library Lending.”

When Kindle Library Lending launches later this year, you will be able to browse and borrow thousands of Kindle books that will be available from your local library.  Don’t own a Kindle?  No problem.  If you have a computer, Iphone, Android powered phone, Blackberry, Mac or Windows phone, you will still be able to take advantage of Kindle Library Lending by downloading a free app for your device.

At launch there will be over 11,000 libraries that will be offering this service. The number will grow as demands for thie service increases.

Using Amazon’s Kindle Library Lending will be just like checking out a book the traditional way, but you would be reading it on your Kindle or your Kindle enabled device. The downside is that you do not actually get to hold the book in your hand. For some people, this simple connection with a book can be a real deal breaker.

There are upsides to the service besides the obvious convenience factor. Your book will never be late because you will not be able to access it once your borrow time is up. You will not have to return the books either, this will all be automatic. You can make notes, highlights, bookmarks and annotations right in the book. When you purchase or check out the same title, all of your notes and highlights will remain intact.

Will printed books disappear one day? Probably not. But the Kindle Lending Library will definitely influence how people get and purchase books in the future.

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