Acai Berry and Weight Loss Supplements: How Much Is Hype?

Acai Berry and Weight Loss Supplements: How Much Is Hype?

Acai Berry and Weight Loss Supplements: How Much Is Hype?

The newest trend in natural weight loss supplements is a small purple berry known as the Acai Berry. Originating from South American and growing on a special palm tree, the retailers who sell supplements made from the fruit attribute a number of health benefits to it. However, only an examination of scientific research shows if the acai berry weight loss association is valid.

Proven Health Benefits of Acai Berry

Research in the past has focused on the antioxidants found in the fruit. Antioxidants help protect the body from heart disease and cancer. The flavonoids and anthocyanins found in the acai berry help stop damage done by free radicals to the cells of the body.

However, other berries, including those grown in America like blueberries, also offer hefty doses of antioxidants. The acai berry has been shown to be comparable to cranberries and raspberries as well in testing. The high price of imported acai berries isn’t necessarily worth the antioxidants.

There isn’t much evidence to support each side of the acai berry weight loss argument. No long-term, comprehensive studies have been performed to measure the fruit’s affect on weight loss. Any scientific results that manufacturers may claim are either extrapolated from other studies or based on short-term and limited research.

Precautions When Shopping For an Acai Berry Supplement

Internet shopping has made acai berry supplements a massive trend in the past few years. However, despite the inherent healthiness of the berry, most supplements sold by random web retailers continue little acai berry. They also lack approval and testing from the FDA and aren’t considered a weight loss pill, but rather a general and unregulated “dietary supplement”. These pills tend not to list their ingredients and may contain substances that cause serious health problems or contraindications.

Beware of the claims made by retailers and manufacturers as well. Some explain the acai berry weight loss benefit as caused by fiber, while others say that the fruit contains special compounds that burn fat. These companies are allowed to claim whatever they’d like without needing scientific evidence to back it up.

Look for an acai berry weight loss supplement that is tested to contain a regulated amount of the actual fruit. Try shopping with trusted retailers that stock other vitamins, herbal supplements and weight loss remedies. You’ll also need to combine your new weight loss supplement with a stable diet and a regular exercise routine. None of the relatively safe weight loss supplements that use plant material as an active ingredient can cause your body to shed unwanted weight while you do nothing. If you don’t see any results after using acai berry for weight loss, you’ll at least have boosted your health by adding a regular dose of antioxidants.

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