50,000 Bibles to Be Given Away to Military Servicemen

50,000 Bibles to Be Given Away to Military Servicemen

50,000 Bibles to Be Given Away to Military Servicemen

The publishing ministry, Crossway, has joined in a partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing in order to bring the Word of God to American military servicemen and women wherever they are stationed or deployed.

Crossway publishes the English Standard Version Bible and other Christian books.  The company has recently made a donation of 50,000 copies of the ESV New Testaments to the project Military Bible Stick run by Faith Comes by Hearing.  Both organizations hope that this will help spread the word of God to personnel serving in the armed forces.

The books of Proverbs and Psalms are also provided with the New Testament, which comes with an olive green, military style cover and is shaped to fit into a pocket.

It is provided along with the Military Bible Stick from Faith Comes by Hearing.  The Military Bible Stick is a compact digital audio player pre-loaded with the entire New Testament. 

The package is free and is shipped to any military chaplains that request these tools for their ministry.  The whole package provides a valuable resource that chaplains will be able to use when providing comfort or counseling to American troops who are deployed overseas or whose units are waiting to be deployed.

The two gifts of Crossway’s New Testaments and the audio scripture that is provided on the Military Bible Stick combine to give the courageous troops in the American armed forces two ways that they can access God’s Word for assurance and answers as they defend America and its citizens.

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