2011 Holiday Hot Toy List Revealed

2011 Holiday Hot Toy List Revealed

2011 Holiday Hot Toy List Revealed

Christmas is drawing close to being three months away and many families are beginning their annual holiday season shopping lists. In attempts to take advantage of parents’ desire to start shopping earlier to avoid large crowds and long lines, Toys’R’Us released this year’s new Holiday Hot Toy List before October even beings. The list features the top 36 toys that will be in top demand by kids across the country this year. All of the toys are currently available, both in retail stores and on the company’s website, for early shopping trips. Toys from around the world are featured as Toys’R’Us spent most of the year finding the best each country had to offer.

For the entire holiday shopping season the official Toys’R’Us fanpage on Facebook will be the hub for finding constantly updated toy trend information. Gift-givers will be able to find suggestions on the coolest and most wanted toys as sales reports come in from stores around the country. The Holiday Hot Toy List can also be accessed through the page. Posts will highlight lists of Top 15 Picks for different children and details on the top sellers. Product videos and expert answer to your toy gift questions will make the page helpful to all Christmas or Hanukkah shoppers.

No matter what kind of toys you’ll need to buy this year, Toys’R’Us will keep a full selection and plenty of stock to keep crowds down. Top brands have partnered with the chain this year, including names like NERF, Monster High, LEGO, Lalaloopsy and Squinkies. Options are available to fit any budget, so even if you have to shop or 10 or 20 children, you can come in within your budget. If you don’t usually shop for toys, helpful store associates will find the items for you among the daily shipments of hot toys.

The Holiday Hot Toy List contains items for children ranging from 6 months to teenagers. Children will enjoy the Playskool Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper. The twisting elephant head shoots out soft plastic balls across the room to engage babies in skill-building movement. Babies as young as six can enjoy the Fisher Park Topzy Tumblers Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park. Tumbling dolls ride the electric ferris wheel and do cartwheels among the scenery. Toddlers can dance and learn about music with Sesame Street Let’s Rock! Elmo with his microphone, drum and tambourine. The twin dolls known as the You & Me Hide and Seek Friends, a Toys’R’Us exclusive item, talk to each other and play peek-a-boo.

Young fans of the Angry Birds game app will want to see the 5-inch plush from Commonwealth under the Christmas tree. The Limited Vintage Edition Cabbage Patch Kids are recognizable to many parents in their 1983-style reissue. Disney Rock Star Mickey teaches kids above 2 years old how to dance and sing a number of songs. Fastlane Stunt City is reminiscent of the late 90s track sets from Hot Wheels, but this 100-piece set is greatly improved. The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls offer twisting, bending locks of hair for styling fun.

Children between 5 and 7 can enjoy toys with more interactive features. The Bizu Style Studio allows creative kids to create beaded bracelets that transform into small pets. “Cars 2” fans can take Lightning McQueen out for a drive with the Air Hogs R/C Vehicle. “Rookie” mode lets the toy teach children about safe driving habits with bump detection to deter them from crashing him into furniture and other objects. Hot Wheels is climbing the walls this year with the Wall Tracks Starter Set. With the help of 3M Command strips, the tracks can run up the wall for big jumps and giant loops.

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