$100 Million Remodel of Israel Museum Finally Complete

It may have taken five years and $100 million, but the revamping of the Israel Museum has finally been completed.  The comprehensive overhaul was said to be a labor of love by architects and the museum’s director James Snyder.  Snyder has been the museum’s director for 13 years, and has watched the 45-year-old museum’s complete transformation.

Snyder said the reasoning behind the overhaul was multifaceted.  On one hand, the building was in need of a facelift and the amenities for patrons.  On the other hand, there was a dire need to expand space.  The museum was known for its amazing collection of archeological treasures, fine arts, and exhibits of Jewish arts and life.  However, it was also known as one of the most cramped and claustrophobic major museums in the world.

The museum is now double its original size, and some of the displays have been removed.  Snyder says that there is now much more room to appreciate all of the fine artifacts the museum holds, and visitors will have a much more pleasant and enriching experience.  While increasing the size of the museum was important, architects did not want to disturb the natural beauty the original design of the building had.  They said the building was perfect with the landscape, and to disrupt the serene visual appeal would have been a travesty.  Instead of revamping the landscape, builders took the approach of intertwining the old architecture with the new.  By all accounts, the complete build served to enhance the landscape instead of detract from the original beauty as some had feared it would.

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